Please note that during the 2020 pandemic Laughter Yoga Professionals in the UK put together resources to make it easier to find online laughter inspiration around the UK.

The time table for Online and Telephone Laughter is being updated regularly so you are able to find an online laughter class during the weeks where the social spaces are kept closed.

The Telephone Laughter Club in the UK!

On 15th September 2018 we celebrated 10th Anniversary of the start of The Telephone Laughter Club in the UK. Read the story behind it all on www.lottemikkelsen.com.

Today we share laughter on conference calls from Monday to Friday at 7am-7:10am and again at 8am-8:10am.

As of October 2019 there is a new Zoom service in place, The Daily Giggle Channel, run by Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers around the UK. Please visit the The Telephone Laughter Club Services to find the details.

Why Telephone Laughter Club?

In some places around the world Laughter Clubs are held every day. This helps people benefit tremendously and boost their health as they laugh regularly.

However, in the many countries including the UK Laughter Clubs happen just once a week or once a month, which means many people want more as they experience the health benefits of sharing laughter.

Before The Laughter Club started in St. Albans in 2004 I had a ‘laughter buddy’ who I laughed with every morning at 7am to initiate the day in a great and inspiring way.

The experience was similar to being in a Laughter Club!

Anyone who would like to start the day with a laugh is welcome to dial in to The Telephone Laughter Club, just remember to register!

For further details and information about our Laughter programmes and laughter training please contact us.

Please note that NONE of the UnitedMind Telephone Laughter Club services are recorded at any time unless specifically requested for press purposes.

The calls are live calls made where we join in laughter.

Laughter Yoga is easy…

  • Today the US and the UK run very successful Telephone Laughter Clubs and Telephone Laughter Clubs in the US and Australia were the source of inspiration for starting the daily telephone laughs in the UK.
  • We laugh as a choice and laughter starts flowing naturally within a few minutes.
  • There are thousands of Laughter Clubs worldwide in over 100 countries.
  • Laughter also runs regularly on Skype and Zoom.